Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Navel Gazing" out at Everyday Fiction!

My story "Navel Gazing" comes out today at Everyday Fiction!

Have you ever had a crazy idea and simply had to run with it? An idea that eats at you until you wake up at 2AM and grab your laptop and start pounding away at the keys? An idea that might cause someone you hold very dear to want to sneak into your room and cut off all your hair in an act of psychotic but potentially justified revenge? (Am I alone in that last one?)

So I have this friend, and this friend has an enormous bellybutton. Oh, I know you're thinking, how big could it be? If I bug out my eyes and whisper the word "freakish" would that conjure up images of a navel that could hold an orange?

When you open your eyes in the wee hours of the morning, convinced you must write a story about a cavernous navel, inevitably your mind will wander toward things that go bump in the night. Or maybe it's that things that go bump in the night have taken permanent residence in my head, but they sneak out in the middle of the night when my defenses are down.

Bellybutton + things that go bump in the night = a final draft in less than an hour. Sometimes writing really is inspiration rather than perspiration.

So what I really want to know is: Do you say bellybutton or navel?